Offspring of Sophie

Sophie offspring

[img src=]421Our first show
[img src=]272Hello brother, nice to see you again (Nixon and Gentle)
[img src=]221
[img src=]231
[img src=]271Gentle (ex-Goyah) at his new home
[img src=]261Gentle 12 weeks old
[img src=]171Gentle (Goyah) 8 months old
[img src=]181Grace at her new home
[img src=]131
[img src=]151Grace (3 months old) and Paul
[img src=]171Grace (3 months old) and Paul
[img src=]151Driving Miss Grace
[img src=]151
[img src=]131Gucci (Nixon) - 12 weeks old
[img src=]131Gucci (Nixon) - 12 weeks old
[img src=]111Gucci (Nixon) 10 months old