Pictures of Saskia

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Saskia pictures

[img src=]1691Last picture of Saskia taken in Octobre 2007, one month before her 13th birthday. Saskia died on January 6th 2008
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[img src=]750January 2004
[img src=]780Saskia /Clubshow 2004 Veteranenklas
[img src=]780Saskia sightseeing with horse and carriage in Innsbruck
[img src=]680Alpencup Innsbruck 2004 - Judge: Maya Delaquis (Ch): Excellent 1 Best Veteran
[img src=]700Saskia in Mouscron January 2005 - Ring of Honour
[img src=]780
[img src=]620
[img src=]620Veteranen-BIS Königswinter 4.9.2005
[img src=]620Saskia on the beach (March 2006)
[img src=]530Saskia and Sophie in De Haan (March 2006)
[img src=]480DCNH Specialty Selfkant 2006, Saskia BOB and BIS veteran