Pictures of Sophie

Sophie pictures

[img src=]1910August 28th 2004 - Sophie and breeder Lone Christiansen (DK)
[img src=]1151Lone with Sophie - me and Dirty (Sophies brother)
[img src=]1171Sophie with Smartie and Saskia (Aug 28th 2004)
[img src=]901
[img src=]852
[img src=]861
[img src=]721May 14th 2005 - Samoyed club show (Vleteren)
[img src=]621October 8th 2005
[img src=]551Sophie at the beach November 13th 2005
[img src=]561
[img src=]521
[img src=]471On the beach (March 2006)
[img src=]461Our three girls on the beach (March 2006)
[img src=]451May 2006
[img src=]441
[img src=]371
[img src=]471Elena, Emmely and Sophie in De Haan (06/06/2006)
[img src=]471Dogshow St-Ghislain Sept 10th 2006
[img src=]401Elena, Emmely and Sophie in De Haan (06/06/2006)
[img src=]351CACIB Genk 09/12/2006
[img src=]391Christmas 2006
[img src=]371December 2007
[img src=]281
[img src=]331
[img src=]331Sophie and the visitors
[img src=]361