The Samoyed dog takes its name from the Samoyed tribes in Siberia from whom the founding stock of breed was obtained. The word “samoyed” means “living off themselves”, referring to the self-sufficency of both, tribes and dogs. The natives themselves called the dogs “Bjelkiers”, what means “white dog that breeds white”.
The Samoyed is a working dog, having served as a herder of reindeer, as a sledge dog and as a companion dog,who kept their owners warm during the night. The Samoyed was used as a sledge dog for expeditions to the North Pole as well as to the South Pole.

All the major characteristics of the modern Samoyed were already found in the Samoyed of the early 1800, the erected ears, the plumed tail, the white coat and the smiling face.
Samoyeds are friendly to both people and other dogs. They feel happiest when they can share in family activities.

Samoyeds are intelligent but very stubborn dogs who get bored very easily, so it’s a real challenge to train them.
They both bark and talk. Generally they don’t howl. Most Samoyeds are frequent barkers and these tend to have more high pitched piercing barks.